We are second-hand shop in Kyoto, Japan.

There are a wide variety of fascinating products.
You can see, touch and feel many antique products in our shop.
You can also enjoy online shopping here.

Our website in Japanese: http://midoriya-shop.com/
We offer three types of business here.

The first is online shopping.
You can find items you like in our listing and order them.
We will pack the items in corrugated cardboard box with care and ship them by post office.
We have many items in addition to this listings.
Please contact as if you have any other items you want!!
The second is a wholesale order shipped by 40FT container FCL 100% full of furniture and Zakka[sundry goods]
We will load a lot of high quality furniture stuffed with vintage items as much as possible and put closely many cardboard boxes packed with fascinating sundry goods into between the furniture in the container.
The third is selling in our retail shop.
In our shop there are wide variety of interesting goods.
We replace our collection of products every week.
You can enjoy shopping any time any number of times!!
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested in our products!
We’re looking forward to doing business with you…

Secondhand shop in Kyoto, Japan.

In the shop there are a wide variety of antique goods.
Every week we replace our selection of goods.
You must enjoy visiting us anytime any number of times!

Open: 12:00〜18:00 Saturday,Sunday,Monday

4-14-5 Tomooka, Nagaokakyo-shi, Kyoto
Tel: 075-874-6504/FAX: 075-950-2229
Products for containers

There are a lot of long-lasting and high-quality furniture and sundry goods in our warehouse.

Product list for 40FT container order.

Many products come into our warehouse everyday.
We classify our products into many kinds.
We classify, pack and manage our products carefully.
Please contact us if you’d like to see the currently stock of our products.
Vintage gift
Vintage gift
Buddhist Goods
Buddhist Goods
Furniture and Zakka[Sundry Goods] shipped by 40FT Container

We offer 40 FT containers 100% full of high quality furniture and valuable sundry goods.
We load a lot of attractive and high quality furniture into the container as much as possible.
Zakka[Sundry Goods] and Vintage gifts are placed into the furniture and the gaps between the furniture closely.

In a 40ft container,The furniture will be about 120~180 pcs/ about 4~6 ton.
The sundry goods like Ceramic tableware, Vases, Toys, Suitcases and so on will be 800~1200 small cartons/ about 4~5 ton.
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Furniture is wrapped with some blankets and sundry goods are packed into cardboard boxes with cushioning clothes carefully.
Many practical and valuable goods are packed into a container with furniture.
We deal in a wide variety of valuable products.
Please contact us if you are interested our products.
Product Range

Many products come into our shop everyday.
We classify them into many kinds.
We manage our products on a google drive page.
Our google drive
Furniture :
Beds, Sofas, Shelves, Drawers, Cabinets, Cupboards, Chests, TV stands, Wardrobes, Desks, Reclines, Mattress, Chairs, Tables, Mirrors, and more!
We have many solid wood furniture!!
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Zakka [Sundry Goods]:
Ceramics, Vases, Ornaments, Statues, Tablewares, Dolls, Stationary, Kitchenware, Toys, Baby Items, Bags, Shoes, Instruments, Ornaments, Plastic Models, Umbrellas, Stolleres, Accessories, Clothes, Clockes, Stuffed Dolls, Handkerchifes, Ties, and more!
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Contact us

Please contact us if you are interested in our products or our company.
We will comply with your wish as much as possible!

All of the listings here are currently available.
We are thorough in management.

If you are interested in buying furniture and sundry goods by a 40FT container please let us know your company name, address and phone number.

Please feel free to ask us anything If you have any questions!

Tel: 075-874-6504/FAX: 075-950-2229